Lightphobe is an asymmetrical cooperative multiplayer game where players can choose between defending the earth as a squad of well-armed soldiers or terrorizing their enemies as the ethereal skeletal creatures known as Lightphobes.


Lightphobe was created by Canadian solo developer, Allan Chew, a man who began his game development journey in 2018 with the hope of creating unique gaming experiences. Driven by a passion for creating new worlds for others to compete and explore in, as well as his own love of gaming; Allan had the bright idea of using light as a gameplay element, challenging players to simultaneously take advantage. After some time experimenting with different concepts, Lightphobe was born!


  • Lightphobe blends competitive team-based shooter gameplay with melee-based stealth mechanics in a cat and mouse-style battle for supremacy.
  • Strategize and adapt to a constantly changing battlefield with dynamic light sources that directly affect the competition.
  • Pick between playing as a Soldier (first-person shooter) or as a Lightphobe (third-person melee action) with multiple load-outs to choose from.
  • Play with up to 16 players in multiplayer; with support for both peer-to-peer networking and dedicated servers.


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Mutant Realm Entertainment is a Canadian developer currently working on their debut title, Lightphobe.
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Lightphobe Credits

Allan Chew
Founder, Developer, Designer